Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in vending at Jay St. Collective. We are looking for talented artists, makers, and crafts people who are passionate about collaboration, innovation, and growth. We select our vendors, not only based on talent, but willingness to learn and teach within the collective.

Our space is designed to give you the support and autonomy to take your business to the next level. Our consignment software provides comprehensive sales data that can be accessed in real time. You’ll be responsible for logging inventory, pricing, tagging, merchandising, and displaying your own products.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Vendors are charged a monthly rent depending on their footprint. We have shelf spaces ranging from $70-$130 and booth spaces from $130-$350 based on availability. We also take a 13% consignment on every sale. These costs cover the overhead for the store such as rent, utilities, and the cost of running the shop during open hours.


When will vendors receive payment for sales?

Payments are issued weekly through direct deposit. The week is closed out on Sunday and payments are typically issued later the following week.


Do vendors have to work in the store?

Vendors are not required to meet set monthly hours but there are times when they will be asked to volunteer to help with high volume times and special events. There is no monetary penalty for a lack of participation but disengagement may factor into whether a vendors lease is renewed.


Is there a deposit for new vendors?

Yes. Vendors pay a deposit equal to their rent that will be applied as last month’s rent if the leave the space.


Do vendors have to have insurance?

Yes. Vendors are required to carry general liability insurance and provide Jay St. Collective with a Certificate of Insurance prior to moving in. Jay St. Collective will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that occurs in the space.


Can customer return or exchange items?

No. Since sales are closed out and payments are issued weekly, there’s no way to refund a sale. Customers are informed of this via signage. Vendors can resolve customer issues independent of Jay St. Collective but are not required to. If a vendor has a pattern of custom dissatisfaction, they may not be renewed for their lease.


How many vendors of each medium will the store have?

We try to limit vendors working in the same medium to two. Those two will have distinguishing styles. While we think competition is important, we want to make sure our store is not too saturated in one medium so our vendors don’t feel undercut by each other. Some exceptions are given to vendors who have multiple mediums but we will not have more than two vendors who primarily work in the same medium.