Using rugged leather remnants and antique hardware, I create unique journals- each one of a kind, each one with a new life. I retired 10 years ago and started looking for a creative outlet. The journals gave me a new life and, at the same time, I gave them a new purpose. We both found our Second Wind!

The covers are cut from leather remnants with brands, trail marks, etc which, while considered imperfect by some, makes them all the more interesting me. The hardware pieces are antique, vintage, recycled or rescued from the landfill.
The paper is hand-torn or cut, one page at a time from large sheets. I use artist quality paper, archival and acid-free, all top quality paper, each good for a variety of media.

The journals are made by hand one at a time. I tear and fold each sheet, punch all the holes by hand and stitch each signature to the leather cover using the long-stitch binding. The hardware is attached to the cover, with either stitching or rivets, adding both function and a decorative touch.