Kristi’s Klay

Kristi Isabella has always seen the world in a slightly different way and has spent 40+ years using that lens in her art.  Throughout her career she has worked with different media including paint, clay, wood, glass, metals…anything she could get her hands on to try and transform.   During her time at SUNY New Paltz where she earned her BFA, she focused on ceramics creating twisting tea pots and raku vases.  Nothing was simple or repeatable, every piece had its own uniqueness and charm.

Kristi is a true local, calling Schenectady county her home for most of her life.  She loves the historic nature of the area and as well as nature itself.  Today she is blending porcelain clay and earthenware into one of a kind pieces that draw the viewer in to find abstract forms of both nature and creatures in the designs.  Resin jewelry in combination with semi-precious stones has become a new addition for her creative outlet.

Over these past years, Kristi hasn’t been focused solely on her artistic endeavors but instead using creativity to bring people together.  From teaching clay classes within the community, to helping create tactile murals for individuals with sensory processing disorders, to becoming part of The Common Unity Banners, that took on the transformation of an overpass in one local urban community.   She loves to share her love of art and she hasn’t stopped experimenting or growing after all these years.

You can find images of her work on Instagram at @kristisklay.